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Recent studies of drugs in type II Diabetes

A Saranya, Dr.S. Kameshwaran, S. Shameem, K. Shanmugapriya, K.P. Sathish, S.M. Shabariraj


Diabetes is a chronic disease that has an impact on how your body uses food as fuel. A chronic metabolic disease called diabetes mellitus (DM) is characterised by persistent hyperglycemia.Your body converts the bulk of the food you eat into sugar (glucose), which is subsequently released into your circulation. When your blood sugar levels increase, your pancreas releases insulin. Type 2 diabetes symptoms may take years to manifest. Some individuals seldom ever show any symptoms. Despite the fact that type 2 diabetes affects children and teenagers more frequently, it typically strikes adults first. Because the symptoms of type 2 diabetes are subtle, understanding the risk factors is essential. A visit to the doctor is necessary for any of them. Taking insulin or other diabetes drugs is commonly part of diabetes treatment.


Diabetes, Pancreas, Chronic Metabolic Illness, Bloodstream, Type 2 diabetes

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