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Chemical Investigation on Roots of Angelica glauca High Altitude Himalayan Herb

Kunal Sajwan, Bharat Pande, Sonali Sajwan, Nitin Rai, Rajeev Kr. Sharma, K. S. Khetwal



The essential oil of Angelica glauca collected from Kumaun Himalayan region of India was analyzed by GC-MS. It has been found rich in sesquiterpenes (52.23%), fatty acids (17.686%), diterpenes (2.771%) apart from bioactive constituents (z)-Lingustilide (4.531%) and (z)-Butylidene phthalide (11.061%). Twenty seven compounds have been identified by comparison of their MS and retention time through literature search.


Keywords: Angelica glauca, essential oil, (z)-Lingustilide, (z)-Butylidene phthalide, sesquiterpenes

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