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Polypharmacy and the need of deprescribing in Geriatric Chronic Kidney Disease patients

Lata Khani Bisht, Vineeth Chandy


Polypharmacy and Hyper polypharmacy pose risk for geriatric population by increasing drug interactions and side effects. This calls for deprescription to remove potentially inappropriate medications (PIM) from their prescription. BEERs criteria (BC) was used to classify medications for PIM. It also includes addition of a new drug, dose reduction and replacement with a newer drug. This study was conducted to find out the need of deprescription in geriatric population suffering from CKD (chronic kidney disease). All the ADRs (Adverse drug reactions) were classified based on NARANJO scale by using a simple questionnaire.


polypharmacy, hyper polypharmacy, geriatric, deprescription, chronic kidney disease, NARANJO scale, potentially inappropriate medication, BEERs criteria

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