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A New Approach in Chronic Kidney Disease Management by Herbal Plant Punarnava—a Evidence based Case Study

Chandershekar . A, Pooja ., Mekkanti Manasa Rekha, Rinku Mathappan



Boerhaavia Diuffusa Linn (Fam Nyctaginaceae) a whole matured plant of Punarnava is used. It is a trailing herb which is found throughout India and collected in the month on June herb is diffusely branched with stout and root. This herb has registered its importance in various formulations as its significantly found effective in various diseases like inflammation, anemia etc. Punarnava is found throughout India and is collected after rainy season which is branched with stout, root stock and many long Slunder, prostate or ascending branches. The name indicates Pun-nava means new again, which can regrow the dying cells and helps to revive the dying organs of the body. Kidney are the organs that have numerous roles, they maintain the balance of body fluids by removing waste out from the body. CKD or CRF is an irreversible deterioration in renal function, which develops over a period of years. The only alternate treatment for the diseases is dialysis or renal transplantation, which is off high cost and complex. So, some safe and alternative therapy is needed, which improves or reduce the requirement of dialysis and postponing the renal transplantation. Herbal drugs are used in the prevention and treatment of various diseases is constantly developing throughout the world. A case of chronic kidney disease was taken, In which the patient was given with Punarnava daily in the form of kashya orally. These treatments has significantly improved the condition of patient and found a patient with eliminating dialysis requirement.

Keywords: Boerhavia Diffusa, Chronic kidney diseases, hypoalbuminaemia, Immuno suppression, Punarnava Swaras

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Chandershekar A, Pooja, Mekkanti Manasa Rekha, Rinku Mathappan. A New Approach in Chronic Kidney Disease Management by Herbal Plant Punarnava— a Evidence based Case Study. Research & Reviews: A Journal of Pharmacognosy. 2020; 7(2): 1–4p.

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