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A Review on Marine Pharmacognosy and Microbiology with a Mythological Aspect

Sharang M Bali, Ritesh Jain, Mukesh Pratap Singh


Marine pharmacognosy deals with marine source of drug obtained from sea and ocean. Microbiology deals with various microorganisms and marine pharmacognosy and microbiology are interrelated with each other, but they are also correlated to mythological (history)sources and Hindu literatures. Lots of evidence sources are mentioned in Hindu literatures which explain relation of marine pharmacognosy and microbiology (science and technology) with History, Hindu Mythology and “Samudra Manthan” is one of the great aspects or incident which tells about the relation of microbiology and marine pharmacognosy with Hindu mythology. Let us analyze one chapter Bhagwat Gita, Shiv Puran that is “Samudra Manthan” with eyes of microbiology or pharmacognosy way.“Samudra Manthan”—churning of the ocean is one of the most famous episode in Hindu mythology. The legendary epic appears in the Bhagavatapuran, Mahabharat, Vishnu Puran, Shiv Puran. The 14 precious things obtained during Samudra Manthan are Amrit, Halahal, Chandra, Sura goddess etc. It can be correlated with this present-day outcome of marine pharmacognosy and microbiological research. “Amrit” can be correlated with antibiotics and antioxidants; “Halahal or Kalkoot” as marine toxins from marine bacteria; “Moon” as luminescent bacteria from ocean causing milky sea phenomenon; and “Sura” as fermented product of marine microbes.


Keywords: Marine pharmacognosy, Marine microbiology, Samudra Manthan, marine toxics, microbes


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