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Dates—Its Effect on Daily Life

Priyanka Verma


Date palm also called as Phoenix dactylifera or more commonly called as Date, originated from the land around Iraq. Date palm is cultivated because of its edible fruit; they are used as staple food in Middle East and in Indus valley for thousands of years. Eventually every part of the tree is used for making functional items be it seeds, leaves, sap, fruit clusters and wood. Date palm also provides wide range of essential nutrients which provide instant source of energy, strengthening of bones, maintaining of healthy heart. It also boosts nervous and circulatory system because of potassium richness in them. Soluble and insoluble fibers which form important constituents along with essential amino acids, increase digestion of food so that nutrients get absorbed by the digestive tract and enter the body for proper usage. Dates also provide strengthening of bones, help in fighting diseases such as osteoporosis due to selenenium, manganese, copper and magnesium present in them. Organic sulphur in dates helps in reduction of allergic reactions and seasonal allergies. High mineral and iron content in dates act as supplement for people suffering from anemia. High potassium concentrations in dates reduce risk factor of stroke and make them ideal to boost nervous system. So it can be said that consumption of dates is beneficial for healthy living; it should be incorporated in our daily lifestyle.

Keywords: Dates, nervous system, potassium, mineral

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