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Study the Effect of Certain Plant Extracts in Blood Coagulation

Abhijeet Soni, Tripti Pendharkar, Sweta Dev, Utpal Jana


Blood is an essential component in human and other animals that deliver necessary substance such as nutrients and oxygen to cells and transport metabolic waste from cells. Blood performs much important function within body including supply of oxygen to tissues and supply of nutrients. During haemorrhage or bleeding the components of blood may lose which leads to severe illness to patient or sometimes death. Blood loss outside the body is called external bleeding and inside the body is called internal bleeding. Blood loss can occur in almost various possible conditions such as open wound, haemorrhoids, low platelet count, haemophilia, factor VII deficiency, factor X deficiency, animal bite, peptic ulcer, and dysfunction uterine bleeding (DUB). Various synthetic and non-synthetic compounds are frequently used to stop bleeding and currently their usage is limited owing to their limitations. So, the current study was undertaken with the view to get better coagulating agent using herbal extracts of Moringa oleifera, Calendula officinalis and Aloe barbadensis. The conjugate of herbal extracts are used for the coagulation activity of heparin-treated blood. The result shows that single use of extract shows less coagulation activity than the combined extracts of herbs.


Keywords: Blood, coagulant, plant extract


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Soni A, Pendharkar T, Dev S et al. Study the Effect of Certain Plant Extracts in Blood Coagulation. Research & Reviews: A Journal of Pharmacognosy. 2018; 5(1): 13–19p.

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