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A Comparative Pharmaceutical Analysis on Different Extracts of Areca Catechu by Maceration & Percolation with Areca Tea

Shivanand B, Maria Dhivya, Raj Prasobh B.P


This study evaluates the dissimilarity in phytochemical and Quality control analysis of different extract of Areca catechu by maceration and percolation and from Homoeopathic trituration along with Areca tea of Nivedan Nimpe. Homoeopathic pharmacopeia of India states that Areca catechu can be prepared homoeopathically by trituration process in 7th[1 & 9th volume but Areca mother tincture is available in the market [2]. Through this study, authors have tried to investigate the Phytochemicals & Quality analysis of Areca catechu mother tincture (maceration & percolation) and Areca catechu trituration. The trending Areca tea of Nivedan Nimpe was also considered in this study in comparison.


Keywords: Areca catechu, Areca Tea, Maceration, Percolation, Quality analysis.


Areca catechu, Areca Tea, Maceration, Percolation, Quality analysis.

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