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Recent Advances in Delivering Strategies of Domperidone: Challenges and Opportunities

M. A. K. Azad, Md. Masudur Rahman, Shimul Halder, Eva Rahman Kabir


Domperidone (DMP), a potent gastroprokinetic and antiemetic drug, exhibits poor aqueous solubility and limited oral bioavailability. Therefore, to develop oral preparations with optimized oral bioavailability, the pharmacokinetic parameters of DMP need to be controlled. The present review aimed to discuss the physicochemical characteristics of DMP causing its unfavorable oral delivery, to explore the viable oral formulation approaches, and to propose some recent formulation approaches that can mitigate the above mentioned difficulties in delivering DMP. In this study, some effective strategies in terms of pharmacokinetic behavior of DMP have been comparatively discussed. It has been recommended that, the amorphous solid dispersion approach could be more convincing from the scalability perspective along with its significant improvement in dissolution behavior and oral bioavailability. Finally, some future perspectives of these strategies have also been addressed to facilitate efficient formulation development.


Domperidone; solubility; drug delivery strategy; pharmacokinetic.

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