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Pharmacological Modeling of New Form of Anti-tumorigenic Medicines in Chemotherapy

M. Shoikhedbrod


The existing methods of chemotherapeutic treatment do not permit to calculate the precise dose of medicine and the time of its action on the tumor that leads to unpredictability of result, and, therefore, to the ineffectiveness of the use of treatment itself. Furthermore, the damage of normal cells on chemotherapy becomes the reason for a whole series of complications, connected with side-effects action of chemotherapy. The paper presents the pharmacological modeling of processing of the fundamentally new form of antitumorigenic medicines with the calculated precise dose of action of cytostatic on the tumor cells at the moment of their mitosis (indirect division of cells). The new form of antitumorigenic medicines is a support material with equally distributed spherical drops of cytostatic. The support material, thus, is a solid at room temperature and is melted at human body temperature, during its implanting into the body parts of patient, which supply the tumor by the blood, will dosed act directly on tumor cells at the moment of their mitosis using the equally distributed drops of cytostatic. Any treating chemotherapist can calculate the impact dose and time of action of cytostatic that fall accurately on the mitosis of cancerous cells, if he knows the volume of each drop and their total quantity in the support material, and also the time of melting of the support material. The calculated dose of cytostatic in the support material is reached by injection of the assigned by chemotherapist volume of the cytostatic in the form of spherical drops through the specific gap inside the camera for the molten support material byway of bubbling in the weightlessness conditions.


Keywords: Pharmacological modeling antitumorigenic medicines, tumor cells, bubbling, weightlessness conditions


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