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Fabrication and Assessment of Gallic Acid as Novel Drug Carrier

V. Sandhiya, M. Shree Krishna, V. Raja


Objective: The purpose of the current investigation is to develop and evaluate the polymer-based microspheres to overcome the issues of frequent dosing and high first pass metabolism. Materials and Methods: Gallic acid loaded microsphere were prepared by solvent evaporation technique and the microspheres were evaluated for drug entrapment efficiency, drug loading efficacy, particle size, In-vitro drug release, surface morphology and FTIR spectroscopy studies. Results: The percentage yield, drug entrapment and swelling studies show reasonable results. The microsphere was spherical with smooth surface. The FTIR spectra shows that there was no potential interaction between the drug and the polymer. Conclusion: The data obtained from the above studies revealed that the drug loaded microsphere could be considered as a potential delivery system to maintain the plasma concentration of drug to elicit its pharmacological action.

Keywords: Gallic acid, Solvent evaporation method, hydrophobic polymer.

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V. Sandhiya, M. Shree Krishna, V. Raja. Fabrication and Assessment of Gallic Acid as Novel Drug Carrier. Trends in Drug Delivery. 2019; 6(2): 5–10p.

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