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A Concise Review on Microencapsulation

Narinder Singh, Dilrose Pabla


Microencapsulation is novel technique to formulating containing micron sized particles of liquids, solids or gaseous in inert shell which protects from external coating material for the controlled drug delivery. Normally they contain the size of 1–1000 micron meter which used to physiological and pharmacokinetic factors to improve the more effectiveness for patient compliance. This review article will provide an overview of methods, morphology of microcapsule and application for encapsulation.


Keywords: Application, Advantages or disadvantages, Microencapsulation, Material, Methods, Types


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Narinder Singh, Dilrose Pabla. A Concise Review on Microencapsulation. Trends in Drug Delivery. 2020; 7(2): 1–6p.

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