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Method Development and Validation for Estimation of Brisoprolol Fumerate by UV Spectrometric Method using 0.01N HCl as Solvent

Swati S Rawat, Ganesh Dewan


The objective of the present work is to develop a new, simple, economical, precise, sensitive, linear, accurate, rapid UV Spectrophotometeric method has been developed, solvent used 0.1 N HCl, for the estimation of Brisoprolol Fumerate bulk and pharmaceutical formulation as per ICH guidelines. Spiked Brisoprolol Fumerate arrangement was checked over UV-visible extend for its wavelength of greatest absorbance. The wavelength of most extreme absorbance for Brisoprolol Fumerate was found to be 223 nm. The relationship coefficient over the concentration extends of 10–50 µg/ml was found to be 0.997. The LOD and LOQ of Brisoprolol Fumerate was found to be 0.283 and 0.858 respectively. The method was successfully applied to Brisoprolol Fumerate in prepared formulation ands result were in good agreement with claims. Depending on the results, the given method can be successfully applied in estimation of Brisoprolol Fumerate.


UV–Visible Spectrophotometric method, Method Development, Validation, Brisoprolol Fumerate and Regulatory Requirements for Drug Development.

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